I am not sure if this is the right website to ask this at. I'm not sure if you are only suppose to ask questions about medication or that require medication. But in hopes of some answers , I'll ask anyway. Let me know if this is the wrong place to be asking.

I have developed a very sore, painful right wrist over the course of about a month or so. It gradually got worse and worse and now it's near impossible to work with. It REALLY hurts when I grab my wrist and give it a slight squeeze. It doesn't hurt so much when I bend it but if i put pressure on it when it's bent it does hurt. But squeezing the wrist is the worst. A little background information: I am a fresh fruit cutter in produce at a grocery store. It is quite a large section of the store so I am cutting roughly 110 Large and Medium bowls of fruit a day, 4 days a week. Also sliced veggies, watermelon quarters and slices, ect. So as you can imagine My right wrist is getting a lot of exercise constantly. Our cutlery is less than efficicent for cutting fruit with such hard skins like watermelons and especially PINEAPPLE. I have to put lot of force behind the knife to get it into the skin to slice it. And when the knife his the fruit with all that force behind it, the knife being so dull, stops half way though and jars my wrist to a complete stop and does not cut all the way though, if that makes sense. I'm lomst positive that this is the cause of this. I've begged so many times for new cutlery, saying that it is a health hazard but nobody seems to care or have any answers but buy your own. Which I don't think it's fair. Especially since I did not ask for this fruit cutter job, they begged me to take it because the previous one quit. I guess I will have to end up doing it. But my point is, do you think it is sprained or fractured? I can still use it, I can still lift thing but the heavier they are they more pain it causes my wrist, I got a brace today because I couldn't take it anymore. I am hoping just a sprain because I don't think I can work in a full cast and I don't get any vacation or sick days :/ But nonetheless, I need to get it casted soon if you guys do think it sound like a fracture. Sorry for rambling, just wanted to give the full story so you could give an educated answer, Thanks guys