hi i was at 105mg methadone, from pain meds dropped to 95 slowly but made me real sick and drawn out, daily withdrawl sympyoms for months ,tried various ways with doc and detox centres as found new mwdication for unexplained and due to be diagnosed head aches 24/7 . cold turkey 95mg settled after i could not handle it on 30mg , another jump to 20mg to get in to detox centre, put on morphine syrup i think over 4 days last day 15mg morphine , 2 days detox of that and was waiting to go into severe detox so i could swap to bupamorphine, i read up on it a lot in there and my intuition told me this wasn't right. i had cronic restless legs, pain in legs extream, other symptums were easy to deal with, asked if bup (suboxone) would help with legs and they said it will helpn with all the other symptoms but may not with legs. They had nothing there to help with that at all so i asked if i left i at least could use heat6 packs, i also have this homedics massaging sort of mat were you put on your chair and the vibrating pulses massage your legs, this has been a life saver, Instead of bup, im taking codine 3x a day 12.8mgx2 tablets about 6 hours apart then asleep. the tabletis have ibuprofen to for imflamation. this is the 3rd morn home and my legs have settled enough to finally get some sleep and comfort, my belly is sore and im using busucupam and lomitol, to manage that, its bearable .I have aches in my bones (to be expected) I will never go on methadone or any anti drug style med like bup ever. I did my time twice in recovery and worked it hard and when this happened i was practicing the 12step in my charity work, some with addictions were i was very effective.I need a exit plan with codine , how many days, how to reduce, sahould i stabalise, i want tobe free of it all, as the victory of coming of speed years ago and now methadone, i want to finalise this but i know how tricky addiction is and am under no illusions that i have completed this war, at any second i could take a bunch of these tablets, whats astopping me is the ground work iv done in the past and , im doing this for me and the past months of daily suffering because of this. Will see my doctor of course but i cant see him for at least 2 days.Also would all of the methadone have left my body? im slim 6ft not much body fat , was told it stores there?