meds aren't working anymore I am having to take way way to much in order to kill the pain so I need to clean myself out and get back to zero tolerance. I have a suboxene DR. Apt tomorrow and have no idea what to expect. I have detoxed once b4 and it was awful. I did not sleep for 6 days straight and I was on Seboxone @ a 7Day in-patient center. I also am wondering if when I go to see my Dr. next week once I am detoxed. I am pretty sure he will still write me my usual meds and I am wondering will I be able to fill them? basically I have found that the meds just aren't working anymore and I need to break my tolerance back down to zero. This should not take very long as I have done it before. My main concern is my insomnia and anxiety. Will the seboxene Dr write me something to help with that? Should I even ask? any feedback would be appreciated thx