I was clean from heroin for almost 5 years until I relapsed on Xanax in December 2011. So now I've been on this stuff for only like 3 months and I am up to anywhere between 6-12 mg day depending on what I can get. I am planning on going to detox tomorrow to get off of the Xanax because I have tried cold turkey and I was honestly shocked at how physically addicted I was after only 3 months of use. I take 24 mg of Suboxone per day and I'm just wondering what to expect at detox. If I tell them that I have a legit prescription of Suboxone they are probably going to contact my doctor who accepts my insurance (which we all know is hard to find) and I will lose my Suboxone doctor. If I tell them I am addicted to Suboxone and Xanax then they will wean me off both??? I just don't know, I am going to detox regardless because my two children don't deserve this and after being clean for so long I know I can do it. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar situation and could maybe give me some input? Thanks!!!