We have tried to get community and local drug and alcohol services to help but for some reason there is politics involved. The problem is the doctor made a huge mistake instead of finding the sorce of the pain he presumeed it was codine withdrawl (some of it was but now the person is on on 3 times a standard herion addicts dose) and it still did not stop the pain in the end topamax and sodium valprate fixed it.The codine was used in survival as all migrain meds were tried and failed, eventially about two months cocine was used outside the guidelines. It has destroyed a life of a good person who worked as a charity worker who gave his life to others after surviving cancer (lymphoma twice) He has lost friends, family, quality of life, identity, carrying stigma and judgement, living in pain and dis comfort , suicidal and this is his alternative to suicide, as to die was the last option, cold turkey was the second last option. IF THIS DOES NOT WORK HE WILL DIE. Please answer any advice at all, support, last post we had 1 response so i hope someone else care s as its us and god at the moment. Kindest Warmest Regards Richard