I had a VERY happy and positive attitude until I had a nervous breakdown. Instead of the doctors helping me to get through it they just drugged me into a chemical induced stuper! I didn't know that at the time and now that I am "awake" I want to be able to be happy with myself and life again.
When I try to get off pristiq I become an emotional basket case! It's like I'm pregnant all over again! I can't stop crying and I have horrible and irrational fearful thoughts. I know that but I can't stop them!! I have literally no one to help me through the process and the doctors just want to keep me drugged. I sincerely believe that if I could just work through what caused my breakdown that I would be OK... is there something like that I could go to?? I just need someone who can help me to get a handle on this so I can get on with my life.