I was on Suboxone for 3 years, starting at 8 mg/day which I stayed on for a year, then tapered myself down by my own terms (as doctor kept telling me I should stay on them for life at a small dose - f*** that). And I, ever so slowly, weaned myself down to .25 mg/day which I stayed on that for 2 months before stopped altogether.

I checked myself into a rehab clinic and stayed there for 5 days with minor withdrawal symptoms. They gave me clonidine to help but after 5 days I felt fine so they sent me home.

It has been 5 weeks and I have no problems except for waking up in the mornings I feel like complete and utter sh*t. My back kills and I feel nauseous. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis but it has been in remission since I had my son back in 2009 (yay for remission) but I still get some joint pain now and again.

I guess my question is for anyone out there who has been off for a while. Is this PAWS? And if it is how long could this potentially last? I mean... it is crazy how bad the mornings are but after being up for 2 hours I start to feel better. I take a hot bath during the day to help with back and joint pain, which helps, but the mornings are unbearable sometimes.

TL;DR - Been off a 3 year Suboxone use for 5 weeks now, back is in killer pain in the mornings coupled with nausea, wondering what I can do to help. Thanks!