My mom has non small cell lung cancer-extensive metastatic disease w/ soft tissue involvement of the gluteal region, also intra-abdominal adenopathy as well as apparent muscular involvement mediastinal lesion is very active chest wall lesion active. stage iv not resectable not curable. started treatment with alimta 1st treatment 8/6 2014 neulasta on 8/7 she had blood transfusion 8/13. 2nd treatment 8/27 neulasta 8/28. We thought everything was going ok it's 9/8 and starting yesterday shortness of breath that has not gone away. went and had lab work on 9/3 it was borderline but ok and she has been eating good so went and had lab today because of shortness of breath and being tired. she will be getting another transfusion in morning. this evening she had pain upper left side around ribcage area.This is not a spot where there has been pain before. there is pain in other areas that we're aware of and its constant and consistant with tumors.she controls it with medication she was able to relieve the pain on her left side with the same medication. my question is could this be pain from a swollen spline that could rupture should we be alarmed since these are side effects of neulasta. can you tell me a more detailed of what to be alarmed about. this is all new to us thank you