I was a regular alcoholic. I have been admitted in a miserable condition and treated for 9 days. From that day I left alcohol and treated as per doctor's advice. At the time of admission, my platelet count was 157. In June 2014, doctor advised me for whole abdomen CT scan. Till that date, all the reports have become normal.

But, after that CT scan my hemoglobin is coming down. In Dec 2013 it was 12.4. But now it is 11.2. My blood platelet was 157. Now it became 60. Is that due to the radiation of CT scan? Please mention if there is any other reason for that.

After that CT scan, my WBCs are coming down. It is now 3.15. Report says "Alert!! Mild leukopenia is present. Some degenerated cells are seen. Platelets: Reduced in smear, some Macroplatelets are seen". Please explain what does it mean?

I am not having a sound sleep. The urge for taking alcohol is coming in mind. My doctor advised me last week to take Librium 25 one tablet at night. But it is not helping.

I have even taken 1 or 2 cane beers during these last 2 months, not daily, but in average thrice a week.

Please advise.