... early. I new that but did not try to pick it up until it was the 26 day in the pharmiest said no you can not have it... this medicne is to early. and I said I always get it at this time and he said no. so I said call my Dr. then and he said I will. so I called also and told them what was going on and they told me the pharmist wanted to talk to my dr. because he was concered about me and that i always call in early saying i'm going on vacation which is a uter lie. so I told my story and then I called back the pharmyiest in asked what is your concern and he says you dont abuse this meds but you cant have your meds until 30 days which is so stupid so my dr. faxed him the ok to let me have the meds but the pharmcy stlll wont release until the 30 day mark my insurance pays for this as well ... I don't know what to do HELP?