... This is following unsuccessful surgery on my back. I also take Baclofen and gabapentin. I have been taking more on work days to get me through the day which means I'm left with less to take on my days off. Ive noticed I get prickly feelings in my arms, excessive yawning, hot/cold sweats amongst other things when I have to reduce what I take. I'm guessing these are withdrawal symptoms as the feelings go away when I take a tablet. I've also been very down. This has escalated over the past 6 months to the point I had a complete meltdown in work last week. Is there a link between Oxycodone and depression? I've read there could be but my pain consultant says it's more likely to be caused by my pain and trying to carry on working. Also, I've heard about opioid induced hyperalgesia and wondered if the Oxycodone could be causing me pain. I've decided to try and come off the oxy to see what my pain is like without it. I'd rather have physical pain than have pills that are messing with my head. What would be the best way of coming off 60mg per day?

Many thanks