I've been on Percocet for almost a year due to a medical condition... taking around 30mg a day or so, give or take. I continued to do so a few months after my doctor stopped prescribing me, therefore was not under his care. At the time he just told me to taper off the Perc. Now I tried to do that myself, but didn't give it enough time as soon as I got withdrawal symptoms. I had alot going on and wanted a way out so I wouldn't suffer everyday. My friend recommended Suboxone. Now I am on that (not through a doctor again even though I should) and am worried I don't know what I am doing. Before I go through the process of finding a doctor for that which, if I even can, I am wondering like many others how long I should be on it and how and when I should taper off. I am taking 8mg a day... 2mg every 3 hours depending on how I feel (sometimes more, sometimes less.) I have read alot of posts about terrible withdrawals and am a bit freaked but am expecting it. Just want to know what to do! Is it harder to taper off the longer you are on it? Or should you be on it a certain amount of time anyway to help with my previous withdrawal? I appreciate any sort of answer. This forum looks helpful and everyone seems to have alot of insight on the subject. I am not used to posting threads so hope I am doing it in the right place! Please anyone let me know! Thank you so much for listening!!