I went into my appt on Feb 6th,2014 and was told my doc was evicted..I am sick to my stomach over this after finally being able to live a half way normal life, I am now having panic attacks and pain which is intolerabe... every doc ive called is either not taking new patients or my insurance which is care source. I need help locating a doctor in the Ohio area, I live in the youngstown area,but im willing to drive as far as it takes to get the necesarry help.(within reason that is) Ive never bn one to go to the doctors, I rode things out hoping for the best but with type 2 diabetes, rhumatoid/osteo arthritis, fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease, bulging disk in neck and 2 herniatied disk in lower back, I have recently found out there are 3 nodules on ,my legs are covered with nodules as my doctor put it and at this point my nerves are shot and im scared to death, I really need some help and what direction i should go, please help!!! I am on a very long list of meds that I am running out of and starting to already experience the symptoms of what the ??? please help, I am a single mother with no family to even talk to so any information, prayers, advice etc... will be extremely appreciated, i am at a loss and in all honesty its getting harder and harder to cope with... thank you all very much and best wishes to you all who are going thru the same problems in one way or another