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Dermatological Disorders - Any medicine for ulcerative condition on my legs?

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Sandra 7 29 Nov 2014

I'm sure there are many medical answers and maybe you have been fighting this with the help of your doctor(s) for awhile... as did my mother-in-law. She even had a couple failed skin graft surgeries. It was a nasty sore and we were afraid of her eventually facing amputation. All that started it was a scrape of her ankle/lower leg area on some firewood stacked outdoors that she'd accidentally hit while walking past.

Anyway, she swears what finally healed her was taking Vitamin C -- 500 mg every 6 hours, round the clock. She also ate an orange and popcorn every evening (not microwaved, air popped) instead of her usual ice cream--I don't know why or how it worked, but her leg ulcer had been very deep and painful and the doctors couldn't heal it for over a year. She was constantly doctoring that sore and nothing worked, but when she started the vitamin C, it was healed in about one month. For what it's worth...

kaismama 29 Nov 2014

Vit C and Zinc are building blocks of skin cells and taking it can increase your chances of healing. The reasons for it are 2 and not always different. Diabetes and/or poor circulation. If its diabetes keeping your blood sugar tightly controlled will help. Elevating your legs throughout the day will help too. Actual wound care is simple, keep it clean using saline, not betadine or peroxide, and something like Neosporin for a smaller one and norma gel for bigger ones is what you need. Both will help the new skin cells to migrate into the wound. Don't scrub at it when you clean it, for the same reasons. free discount card

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