So I have two sebaceous cyst on my face( one on cheek and one near the mouth ). They started about 8 months ago, I went to several dermatologists and all suggest me not to have them surgically remove cause it will leave scars. So, I took several courses of antibiotics which did not help. Then one of the doctor tried to suck out the content inside using a syringe which he managed to suck out some pus and bloods but sadly, it's still swollen and painful after a week. Finally, I decided to have cortisone injection on both on them which bring down the inflammation and relieved my pain but both of the area become dent(one of them are quite big area. It has been about 6months, and the dent seems to become slightly filled up. Im not satisfied with the result and it affect my self confidence. I think something can be done instead of just leaving them like that. So,I'm thinking about dermarolling treatment, it seems promising on inducing the collagens growth that might helps to fill up the dent. So my question is simple, is it safe for me to have that treatment on the dents without the cyst surgically removed? Hope someone can shine me some lights, thanks. I apologize for my poor grammar.