I have been dealing with depression pretty much my whole life. I never sought help for it until about a year ago (I'm 35 now). I got started on Prozac by my primary care, which seemed to help a bit. He suggested therapy as well which I did do. My doc tried me on Wellbutrin which made things worse, Zoloft which didn't seem to help at all. My therapist talked me into seeing their psychiatrist in their office which I did. The psych prescribed me Zoloft and Abilfy along with buspar for anxiety which didn't help at all. I liked the abilify which seemed to reallly help but it raised my blood sugar which was already high (pre diabetic). I didn't like how the psych was treating me so I went back to my PCP. He prescribed me Effexor which he said would help with my depression AND anxiety. Still seeing the therapist and not doing as well as I'd hoped, the doc started me on Lamicatal. Started low at 25mg and now I'm up to 100mg once daily. At first it seemed to work really well for probably a month or two I was happy. I ran out of my prescription for about a week and when I started taking it again I started going downhill. Lost motivation, started feeling down and depressed every day. The doctor increased my Effexor to 225mg once a day. I don't know if it's the increase in the Effexor or the missing the lamictal for a week, but it seems like I'm all messed up now. Can anyone provide me with any suggestions or personal experiences? Thanks