Prior to Contrave, I've steadily gained weight over the past few years while exercising more and eating a better diet, which is very discouraging. My doctor specifically chose Contrave because he said it wouldn't interact with Trintellix, my current anti-depressant (since 2014). This has been my experience thus far - first month: no weight change; next 2+ months: dropped 24 pounds; last 2+ months: completely regained all weight lost. Throughout all, I've retained the same diet and exercise routine. Also, my panic attacks are becoming more frequent. Even general anxiety is worse. I can't prove it has anything to do with Contrave, but it's been the only change to my routine. Has anyone had long-term success with Contrave while on an anti-depressant? Has anyone experienced side-effects that couldn't be explained except for the addition of Contrave? I am probably going to go off it (it's also pretty expensive), but before I give up on it, curious to see if others stuck it out longer and found a better outcome in the long run. Or if they've tried different weight loss drugs with anti-depressants and found them very helpful. Thank you!