Prozac worked for me for many years, but it seemed to stop working over the last couple of years. Anyway, I’ve tried a few other antidepressants that haven’t helped. I take Wellbutrin, but it doesn’t do much for sadness, so my doc added Lexapro. I find that I’m not “as sad” as I have been in recent past, but I am so ridiculously tired all the time that I could stay in bed even if a fire was burning down my house. Also, I could start doing something, with a to do list or whatever, and I’ll soon realize I was zoning out or thinking and tons of time has passed. Avenatti a shower, I can be in the shower and then realize I was thinking or zoning out for a crazy long time and accomplished nothing. I want to add that I take adderall too, so the fatigue must be conquering that too. I want to see if anyone has had a similar situation and found a combo that works.

Also, I recently heard you can take a genetic test to see what meds will/won’t work for you. Has this really helped anyone?