I've recently been having anxiety and panic attacks and pretty bad depression. I saw my doctor a week ago and he prescribed me Lorazepam and Pristiq. I have felt a little better since taking the Pristiq, noticing I can actually feel positive about things but in the same boat, I also feel worse when the depression sets in. I haven't had any suicidal thoughts but I've felt a little unsteady the past few days, almost like I couldn't control my own thoughts. I've also felt more irritable as well. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced these kinds of things on Pristiq as well or if it's just me. It's only been recently that the depression has gotten worse when it does set in. I've always kind of had it but it was manageable. Now it feels like I'm losing my mind sometimes. I've also noticed I don't have much of a sex drive since taking Pristiq and insomnia as well. Some pretty weird dreams too. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you.