My sister is going through some kind of trauma. She thinks the cops are following her, that her phones hacked and that someones going to hurt her. She talks very low because she says people can hear her. She says everyone in the house looks sleepy and that they're bloated. The other day she pissed on her bed. She's 26 years old and this behavior literally happened over night. It mightve been built up and she just started showing. But shes a completely different person. She cries, she hugged and kissed my mother the other day and covered her before sleep which is very surprising because shes usually very detached and hates people touching her. She also gets aggressive when you contradict her. If she says that someone's going to go in the house or that cops are following her, you have to go along with it because then she'll say that people think she's Crazy and that nobody believes her. Everything I believe started with a fight she had with her boyfriend, after a night at a bar some girl told her to watch him because he's been up to some stuff basically. Then supposedly this rumor got to her bf that someone saw her dancing with another guy. From there , she kept texting me that something was going to go down, that he was planning on embarrassing her for her supposedly doing this. She called the cops! Because she says someone parked in front of the house, called her names and drove away. That day, she disappeared around 1pm. She called my mother crying and told her someone was following her. From that time we did not hear from her until 3 in the morning! Thats when she finally called my mom and told HEr she had gotten lost and didnt know her way back. (The place she ran to is like a farm with cows, mountains and trees.) She was found with bruises on her face, her back scratched because she jumped a fence, and her knee was meessed up. she says she thinks she passed out because she didnt eat anything all those hrs. Everyone, including her bf were looking for her and the cops. When the cops asked why she disappeared, she said that the whole town was talking about her. Now shes just paranoid! My family thinks someone slipped something in her drink that messed up her brain that night at the bar, but is that even possible? Is there a drug that can possibly leave someone acting the way shes acting? She also doesnt want to eat, she rarely sleeps. When I talk to her on the phone she has no emotion in her voice she sounds dead. She tells me she feels like something bad is going to happen if I tell her to relax she gets upset and hangs up. When she texts me the first.thing she writes is for me not to say any names. She probably thinks I can be heard too and Im in another country! Shes really just a whole different person. My mom had to go get her and shes flying back here on wednesday with my sister. My moms scared she might make a scene on the plane. What can possibly be wrong with my sister Please help!! :(