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Depression - respected sir, I am suffering from depression and anxity can you help me?

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Inactive 23 Aug 2012

I suggest you make an appointment with a Psychiatrist for an evaluation, in order to get you on the right medications and also I recommend you see a Therapist (counselor) so you can talk with someone about your issues. I believe that the combination of the Psychiatrist and Therapist (counselor) will do you good.

Take care,


devidaskhot 23 Aug 2012

Thank you Sir, Thank you very much.

Inactive 23 Aug 2012

You are very welcome, and I hope you get well soon.

Inactive 23 Aug 2012

Hello. A combination of psychopharmacology and cognitive therapy will certainly be of help to You. Best of wishes, pledge

devidaskhot 23 Aug 2012

Thanking You Sir.

Inactive 23 Aug 2012

You are welcome and yes, please get better soon.

balbanese 23 Aug 2012

the best help available is that which you can name yourself. How indeed may I best help you? Hmmmm?

HeadStarter 23 Aug 2012

Hello devidaskhot - Though your question is short... I get it. Are you in Canada, Great Britain or the USA??? Have you been diagnosed with depression and anxiety or are you self-diagnosing by how you feel?

I just wanted to also mention that posting questions as "direct" means we can only reply once. If you post your questions as "conversational" we can interact more.

But it certainly sounds like you need to be re-evaluated again and back on meds and then perhaps some talk therapy to compliment the med therapy.

I hope that helps some and that you will also give us more information to allow us to further help you.

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