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Depression - Please tell me what to expect when switching from Zoloft to Cymbalta?

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Anonymous 13 Jun 2011

Hello curiousdaughter. I was at one time on both medications. Not at the same time mind you. Cymbalta, after being on it for almost a year and a half, I developed some severe reactions to. So, it was stopped. Most people react very favourably to cymbalta. And have nothing but praise for it. And rightfully so. I had no weight gain while on it. Just curious, why switching from one to the other? Have a good day, hope it works well for you,

LaurieShay 13 Jun 2011

Hey curiousdaughter,

You may have some mild nausea and headache, maybe some diarrhea when you first start the Cymbalta. Is the doctor weaning you off the Zoloft before starting the Cymbalta? If not, you may have some brain "zap" sensations which are nothing to worry about, just annoying. Otherwise, you should be just fine. The side effects of Cymbalta generally subside with continued use so unless they become intolerable, be patient, it will get better.

Good luck on the new med,


Anonymous 13 Jun 2011

Hello curiousdaughter, welcome aboard friend. I have only just changed from zoloft to cymbalta about 4 weeks ago. I was taking 100mg zoloft and started next day on 60mg cymbalta. I felt like my old self again , slightly manic with plenty of energy, just how i like to live. Whilst getting used to cymbalta i had stong headaches most of the day but they lessened as the days went by. Other than that the transision went well and i hope it goes the same for you. When changing meds there always problems but unless they become unbearable stick it out. Take care my friend. Brewstercharli

sweetie pie 13 Jun 2011

Hi curious! I have been switched to different SSRI'S in the past. I was switched from Paxil to Zoloft years ago. I did experience alittle anxiety and had a few headaches, but they did not last long. I have been doing great on Zoloft 200 mg for a long time n ow. I hope that you get good results with Cymbalta. I have known people who have done very well on this medication. Everyone's different. That is why the doctors put us on trials. I wish you the best! Sweetie Pie

LiverLips 14 Jun 2011

Hi curiousdaughter! I've been taking Cymbalta (60 mg.) for a few months now for chronic pain relief. At the beginning, I had a little bit of nausea. I'm not entirely certain if this is from the medication or my health condition. I do know that I have dry mouth sometimes; this was worse at the beginning but only lasted for a few weeks then. I have that side effect intermittently now. free discount card

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