... me. I was able to really enjoy life and was able to handle all that life threw at me. Last summer around the anniversary of my daughter's birth/death I found that I just was not bouncing back the way i had in the past. I felt depressed and anxious. Kind if tingly and uneasy and kept waking up early which is so not me. In November The doctor started me out on 150 of Wellbutrin and I kept taking the 20mg of Celexa. We ended up increasing to 300mg of Wellbutrin in the morning and 20mg of Celexa in the evening. That really seemed to do the trick and I was feeling really good. We stayed on that until April and she suggested I could wean off the Celexa, we did it really slowing and it seems to handle it really well. I did start noticing in late May that I was waking up early again, but didn't put two and two together. At the same time my father got sick. It was a roller coaster ride for 5 weeks, but he passed away in late June. During this time my daughter that lived with me, moved across country. So I had two big events at the same time. I really thought I was doing ok, but after my Dad's funeral I really started to spiral down. I finally talked to my doctor again and we are starting back on the celexa 20mg today. I am really hoping that works! Thanks for letting me vent, i needed it