well, today was really a bad day for me, real depressed and i can feel a panic attack comming on, and for those of you who suffer with this, you know the little voices saying your dying, cant breath and all that other great stuff, lies. for some reason this past refill of my percocet 10 i get from my dr, did not last till tomorrow, i just took my last dose, and normally i have atleast 10 pills left, there is no way at all i went thru all those pills, i know a few days this week i took more then my normal daily dosing being that i am tapering, but still , i would have some left. i remember reading something here, i believe from laurieshay stating count your pills, i wonder if i should start to do that. so today i wasnt able to take the amount i normally take for my taper schedule, so could that be why my anxiety and panic attack is comming? i did good with out one for about a week. i did miss therapy due to my nap and didnt get up in time, so i know that could be part of it, and also an assignment im working on from my therapist could be some of it.i dont even know if im making any sense at all, im feeling confused and not all here if you know what i mean. this anxiety/panic/depression is really killing me, and of course this taper isnt making it any better for me, think im gonna take a nice shower, put on my pjs, take a xanax and call it a nite. thanks family for letting me vent. leanne