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Depression - overdosage of adco-zolpedim 15 pills a day but icant sleep and 5 azor but I cant sleep?

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balbanese 29 Jun 2012

Sounds like something a Dr should be helping you with. Overdose?

mhoaeane 29 Jun 2012

I have been to different psychiatrist hospitals but all in vain, The problem is I have lost my parents, sister, brothers and nieces, I am only left with my kid and three nieces. I am asking self all the tym who is next. The pain m going through is unbearable

balbanese 29 Jun 2012

Ok, I really want you to get some help/support. Even if it means a local church (matters not if your "religious). You are trying to carry WAYYYYYYYY too much on your own. The load can lighten if you would just make a determined effort to reach out for the help that I know is all around you.

We can support you and friend you here, I'm sure many of my friends will agree. But we are not a substitute for local fellowship and support. I know it's easy for me to say, and I hope I don't sound like "well, just do this!" I've had my share of horror and grief, you have to reach out and face that drugs will offer you nothing but complications and prolonged misery.

You can work through this, even though you only see blackness, the dawn is right there too.

kaismama 29 Jun 2012

Stop abusing meds and get on something that will help you. You need something for depression, something for sleep that works, and azor is a blood pressure med, and you shouldn't be taking more then 10/40 a day. It will not help you sleep. Taking too much of a med can have the opposite effect of what the drug is supposed to do. Please see your doc and get your meds straight. There are also a few things you can do to for sleep. Go to bed at the same time every night, keep the room as dark as you can get it, no tv or computer for an hr before bed, it slows the melatonin production(melatonin is what makes you sleep, its made in your brain). You can try a glass of milk before bedtime. Try to keep your room quiet. Be sure you are comfortable. Don't scoff at these tips, I've been there, it helps.

DzooBaby 29 Jun 2012

You need to stop taking more medication than recommended or I can tell you who will be next! You are going to go to sleep and not wake up one day! Do you really want to lay that on your child or your neices? Loss is difficult but it does get better. You need some therapy and the right mix of antidepressants. Reach out to your psychiatrist and be brutally honest with them! Tell them what you are doing to yourself and that you cannot live this way any longer. Unfortunately there is no quick fix for depression. It really helps to talk to someone so if you can start cognitive behavior therapy I think it would really help you! If you cant afford therapy then balbanese had a good idea of reaching out to a church group. They are spiritual help and it is your spirit that is injured right now. They can help you come to grips with your losses. Kaismama gave you great advice on what to do to help you get to sleep.

DzooBaby 29 Jun 2012

Try starting with a grief counselor and a grief support group!

Delila 30 Jun 2012

Hi, do you feel comfortable sharing what it going on in your life right now? The reason you are so depressed and if you have any support system in place? Also how long have you been overdosing on your medication - do you think it does make you feel better?

Inactive 30 Jun 2012

Hello mhoaeane. Not certain what your question is. If its insomnia, you might ask your doctor to prescribe you another medication since you are not sleeping on the dose you are currently on. Regards, pledge

smileyhappy 30 Jun 2012

Hi mhoaeane,

Sounds like you have alot on your plate that's why you cannot sleep well right now. If you are overdosing with your pills you need to talk with you psychiatrist and tell him what is going on so he/she can help you adjust your meds so they actually work for you. Do not overdose yourself for sleep, you could die and leave behind your loved ones. I am a believer that God will not make you go through things you cannot handle so give him your problems and worries and ask him to help. He is there for you!
Keep in contact with us for support o.k.?

Take care,


HeadStarter 30 Jun 2012

Hi mohoaeane -

Inactive 30 Jun 2012

Hello Maryand I hope you are well. No need to reply to my comment. Thank you for sharing your inner thoughts and strength. Appreciated, have a great weekend, pledge free discount card

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