I have depression anxiety and ptsd. Diagnose by doc. He gave me a script but I can't afford it. Depression got worse last night. Took some metadate CD 30mg (about 6-8) over 12 hours and 3 in the past hour or two

My depression seems non existent suicidal thoughts are gone. I'm happy I have energy (not 'to much' energy). I can relax finally.

But this is for ADHD not depression or anxiety or ptsd. And from everything Ive read it should make depression worse.

I'm aware it's unsafe to keep taking these pills and I have no plan to but I don't want to go back to being depressed.

However Iv been up for about 40 hours now.

What can I do? I like how I feel. Lexapro doesn't help me and wellbutrun + seriquel combo make me feel like a zombie.