I have PTSD, so I suffer from night terrors and am more depressed then I could have ever imagined. I saw my dr and he tried some antidepressants (celexa & citalopram) but these meds didn't work for me so he put me on Luvox. I've been on this med a long time ago and it worked for my night terrors and depression. Unfortunately it takes 4-6 weeks before I will feel the effect. I am in a REALLY low place. My dr gave me Ativan for when I feel panicky but it's not really working. I've also tried clonazapam and it wasn't too much better. I've called the crisis line multiple times, usually they tell me to go to the ER. A few days ago I did. They gave me a med (don't know the name) to help me sleep and slow my thoughts. It worked great but I don't know what it was. It did make me feel very slow the next day (which I don't mind right now until the Luvox kicks in, as long as I'm alive) and they sent me home in the am. But I feel like this every night. I don't want to be here anymore! I'm in chronic pain with a broken back and can't deal anymore (it's been 15 yrs) I see my dr on thurs but don't know if I'll make it til then. IF i do, does anyone have ANY suggestions? For a med that might help until the Luvox kicks in? Or what I can do until then? PLEASE help me!!! Thx, Melinda