This is more a conversation piece, I guess. On the forum there are a lot of posts from partners whose s/o has depression and is unable to function (and they don't know what to do). As a depressive myself, I functioned so well that my then husband did not even appreciate I was seriously depressed, even when I told him. My depression (even on meds) went from not talking to being obsessive, angry, full of despair BUT as I have OCD, I was driven to have the perfect house and to present normality for my hyper kids. I had to strategically plan shopping trips due to agrophobia. I was not even aware that the fear of going out was a mental issue until I had therapy.

I learned as a result of a very dysfunctional childhood how to always wear the right mask and hide everything, consequently very little notice was taken of me, even by my doctor, of just how serious my situation was. All my cries for help were left unnoticed, until I was mid suicide attempt and stopped, realising I did not truly want to leave my children but needed help. I actually booked my own inpatient treatment. I still find it hard to be heard, I have had to cut friends off who were draining me with their problems and never listened to mine. I am getting more demanding as I learn more about my mental illness and realise that I have some very serious issues that should have been addressed a long time ago and that I can be my own worst enemy.

This forum gives me a lot of strength to go forward. I'd really like to hear from others with a similar story and how they overcame this mask wearing and got the right help.

Blessings fellow travellers.