I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years and we've never had problems, we love each other and both know it. This fall is the first time we have had to make a big decision about each other as she got into med school in the Caribbean. I've decided to go with her and she wants me to come. Over the past few weeks i've become depressed and my anxiety has risen, i'm assuming because its a huge decision and my first time leaving home etc. My main problem is as i've become depressed over the last 2 weeks, i am losing interest in everything, i get know enjoyment day to day where normally i am enthusiastic and kind of a clown. this is starting to affect me and my feelings for my girlfriend as i am having some doubts if she is the one, and if i really "love" her ... sometimes i snap out of it and we are fine, but its been on and off for a week or 2 basically as long as i've been depressed... I've never had these problems and deep down i know shes the girl for me, but my mind is thinking different things... 5 days ago i started taking Wellbutrin as well as Serotonin for anxiety.. everyone around me has said that once the wellbutrin starts kicking in and start feeling normall again, these doubts and feelings about my girlfriend will go away. Can anyone tell me if this is true/had a similar experiance with a loved one? I know deep down i love her, but my mind is telling me otherwise... Please help!