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I have had depression all my life. Past 5 yrs. medication and ECT have not worked. Feeling hopeless?

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Inactive 2 Dec 2012

Hello slbroch. Welcome to the site. I am curious to know if your shock treatments were bilateral or unilateral. Usually, if the unilateral fails to help, the bilateral is performed and the person does feel relief. In severe cases, the sessions can last anywhere from 12 to 18. (bilateral) There are new treatments out, (physical implant into the brain, much as a pace maker which stimulates the part of the brain too create a feeling of normalacy and causes the depression to disapate). Magnetic therapy also relativly new,however, how successfull they might be, varies from one individual to the other. Both are costly (in regards to price) procedures in thier treatment of depression. Regards pledge

MacIntosh12 2 Dec 2012

A big thumbs up, pledge!

Inactive 2 Dec 2012

I have to agree with Mac, Pledge. Ruthie

Inactive 2 Dec 2012

Sear slbroch, Welcome to the site. We're glad to have you. Pledge gave you an excellent answer, and I cannot beat that, but I want to encourage you to definitely not feel hopeless. I have battled with depression my whole life. I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Well... there's nothing good about it at all. There are many things you have yet to try, and coming here and reaching out, is a good place to start. Yo will get a lot of feedback and wonderful ideas, and mainly the support to keep moving forward. I was in a very dark state of depression when I joined. I wasn't expecting what all I got from this site. There are wonderful people here that will help you get through just about anything. There are things you need to do on you're end, like trying other methods other than what you've tried. Stay in constant contact with your psychiatrist, and if you don't already, I strongly encourage a therapist. I laughed at the idea first, but I took a six month class regarding one of my worse mental diseases, and it helped me so much it gave me the power to get out of an abusive relationship, but giving up isn't one of them. Your better than that. If I can do it, and other members who have faced many obstacles in their life, can do it, then you can. Dig in really deep and find what little hope you have inside of you, and also support and pull yourself up as hard as you can and don't let it defeat you. Please. I wish you only peace and happiness, and many blessings to you. Your Friend, Ruthie. p.s. keep us updated and keep writing in. :) free discount card

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