History I have been on Effexor (caused spider veins on my legs and feet) so I went on Cymbalta. I was in a bad marriage and self medicated with alcohol and Klonopin, small dosages but enough to cause PROBLEMS 2.5 yrs ago. I left my husband 2 years ago and my divorce was final Sept 2010. I started taking SSRI's which caused sleeping problems so that is why Effexor. Switched to Cymbalta with Klonopin but I self medicated so I don't think it worked. So I just went off both. I am currently on Prestiq and have been for 2 yrs, my doctor gave me Ativan which I took to help sleep occasionally. Then in January I tried to drink socially again, just not convinced I am an alcoholic(I'll save that for another day) anyhow my anxiety went through the roof so I stopped and have been depressed ever since. Talk about doom and gloom feeling!! My Dr added Wellbutrin and gave me Ativan. I have been taking .5 mg up to 2 times a day for about 6 weeks now. I want to get off all these meds and get my life back. I was pretty normal before I got married but my Narcissistic ex constantly badgered me and I believed I was crazy and I needed help so I got it. My problem is I am so depressed but I really want to clean out my system and figure out WTH is wrong if anything with me :(. Any advise would help. I will give more information if you need it. Oh and I started on meds in 2000. Off and on. Current meds :Prestiq 50 mgs, Wellbutrin 150mg and .5 Ativan up to 2 times a day.