Hello there,

Hope somebody can give me advice or point me to somewhere helpful.

I've had depression before but aafter taking drugs and some counselling I fely good and we decided to try and go without drugs.

That wus 2 years back now and I've been good really. But a couple of months ago I started feeling real sad and cried a lot, in private. Didn't wanna go out, didn't wanna see anybody, Just wanted to hide and sleep.

So I went to a doctor, different one as I had moved around. He couldn't get my record as that doctor too seemed to have gone elsewhere.

So he prescribed another anti depressant and I started using it. Hiding away.

One morning I woke up feeling better than I ever have and thought Wow he's cured it, just like that. I went to see him and he told me I was in hypomania most likely. Never heard of it so he explained it to me. Why? He told me anti depressants can start this in us. Oh good. I read up on it and yes, that happens all right.

What do I do now. I don't trust him after giving me this, it's stopped and I'm really bad now but I won't take those drugs again and I'm too scared to see anyone. I hate them all.

Is there any hope for me?

A Horse.