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Depression - how can I get help without going to an hospital?

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LaurieShay 27 Mar 2013

Hey, This is an excellent question. Without money it is hard to receive the treatment you need. Not sure what country your in, but here in the US we have free-type clinics scattered across the country. County governments generally have a Mental Health Dept. with a MD on staff if medication is needed. Many of the clinics charge according to your income. Not sure of the particulars of your situation, but I suspect the help is available somehow.

Inactive 27 Mar 2013

Hello codeman. Most all psychiatric disorders are treated on an out patient basis. Unless, say for example, a breakdown (nervous) etc, then a patient is treated in house so to speak. You could contact your local community mental health office who can direct you ande explain your options. Regards pledge

smileyhappy 27 Mar 2013

Hi Codeman,

I would seek help from a doctor or Psychiatrist right away for advise and treatment if needed. If you wait and need treatment you could end up in hospital.

Don't wait if your depression is getting worse seek help!

Take care, free discount card

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