... 1:00 in the afternoon like clockwork. He told me if I didnt like the effects or if I felt strange he would lower me back down to the 112mg and add abilify. Why would he add that and what is it really. I really like the venaflaxine but it does little if anything for my anxiety and panic attacks. I am also taking .5 lorazapam if needed throughout the day and I have to take the 1mg at night or I can't sleep. I also take Tramadol if my tension headaches get out of control but I never take more than a 50mg because of the possible serotonine syndrome, but the doc said that was very rare. So can anybody tell me about the abilify and why he would want to add it, and also why wouldnt he be able to add cymbalta, wouldnt that be better for my aches and pains?