... 15. Every two years or so I experience very bad periods of where I can't move / get out of bed and all I do is cry for days. I started taking wellbutrin at 18, and it had the aforementioned "magic bullet" effect. My head was "clean", i had no negative thoughts whatsover, just incredible feeling of calm and curiousity at the same time. All was great until 3 months later I tried killing myself. I don't know why, i wasn't "sad" or "despairing", just one day this idea popped into my head and i immideately decided to execute it. It is very strange. I survived with some consequences and stopped all anti-depressants. My syptoms resumed, but for the last 3 months I've been feeling especially horrid, with thoughts of suicide every day. I tried SRI's but they barely barely made a differents. I want to be on wellbutrin, but scared about suddenly feeling like killing myself. I am 23 now, and most say the older you are the less likelihood that anti-depressants would make you want to do that. Did anyone have thoughts of suicide on wellbutrin, and if yes, did they go away?