... to check my opiates... They told me it came positive for methadone and asked me where did I get it from... I told them I didn't even know what methadone is... negative for opiates... First of all, I am taking Lorcet 10/650 and Soma as a regiment for my pain... I take one to two tablets every four hours.. That evening before going to bed, I took my meds... When I woke up, again I took my meds... How can it be negative for opiates, and be positive for methadone... Now, they didn't refill my prescriptions and they just sent me a letter denying further health services... Can someone help me please!!! I even on the internet to find out e what was methadone... and asked my friends... I have never been to a rehab center or touched heroine... I am deathly scared of needles and I can't even poke myself with my own epi-pen... Someone has to poke me while distracting me from the thought of being poked by a Needle... Please help!!!