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Depression - Has anyone have possitive thoughts on Paxil?

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Inactive 26 Jul 2010

I used paxil for a solid year. At the time i was taking it i thought it was doing an ok job, but then i realized by the last few months that it wasnt making me feel better, it was stopping me from feeling anything at all. I just simply didnt care about anything, school, work, freindships, etc. I asked to be taken off of it and i was put on prozac, and now onto lexapro. I think the lexapro is helping more than any of the other ones did. However, every person is different and the effects of drugs (especially antidepressants) vary drastically from person to person.

christineATU 26 Jul 2010

I totally agree with you on that!

Marce Warner 26 Jul 2010

Thanks for the input!
I've ben on it for a month or so 12.5mg a day and feel OK actually better that with Prozac which I took for a year. Praxil controls my anxiety Prozac did not and becuase of that I'm more focused but I'm horrified of all the comments I have read about the withdrawl. Do the terrible withdrawl effects are still going to happen if you take Paxil for one month or one year?

Inactive 26 Jul 2010

good input my friend

Inactive 26 Jul 2010

I didnt experience any side effects and i believe i was on double the amount that youre on. I wouldnt worry about it too much. Are you thinking about getting off it or are you just starting it, im kinda confused.

Marce Warner 26 Jul 2010

I'm just starting ( a month or so) what I'm wondering is if the withdrawal syntoms are the same and as intense if you have used paxil just for a few weeks or a few months vs. if you have used it for years..

Inactive 26 Jul 2010

Ooooh i see what youre saying. The only reason you would have withdraw effects is if you stopped the paxil and didnt start a new SSRI antdepressant.

And no, if youve only been on them for a month they DTs wont be as bad as if you were on them for a longer period of time

Inactive 26 Jul 2010

Also (sorry to keep multiposting) two posts up when i said 'side effects' i mean withdraw symptoms. Sorry slip of the tongue... or... keyboard... or something like that, haha.

Marce Warner 27 Jul 2010

Thanks so much !! Youve been very kind in taking your time to answer me :).

Inactive 28 Jul 2010

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