Hello I've always been a pessimistic anxious person but the past 7 or 8 years my life has fluctuated between so-so and I wouldn’t get out of bed if my room was on fire depression, I also am in a constant state of varying anxiety from unstoppable intrusive thoughts to panic attacks causing derealization. I also get bout of severe rage and have broken, smashed property and even have cut myself out of frustration. My Dx is Severe Recurrent Major Depression, Severe GAD, Adjustment Disorder. Currently on lexapro 15mg, Abilify 5mg (just switched from Risperidone 2mg) Topamax 150mg, Klonopin 1mg qid, Dexedrin IR 15mg, Dalmane 30mg at bedtime. This isn’t helping enough! any suggestions on maybe bringing up other Dx or meds with my psychiatrist?