I keep adding more and more pills to my cocktail, and I think I am better for a day or two and then BAM this feeling of this pit in my stomach,ache hits me. Now I know what they mean when they say depression hurts. I am now on Remeron 45mg, Lamictal 200 mg, and my doctor just increased my wellbutrin from 150mg to 300mg. I can't focus, little tasks seem overwhelming, and I can cry at any second. I am not a harm to myself, but have never felt this down or despondent. What is so frustrating is that we are financially sound, two great kids, loving supportive husband, so people think "why should YOU be depressed"?? However, as you all know it is not something you can talk yourself out of.
The frustrating part is how nothing seems to be working... I'm beginning to feel like a lost cause:(