A special hello to puckiemull & vonnie, from your new friend Donnie-or Don-or? I am trying to figure out the format of this site, so that I can chat constructively about some of the bad luck cards it seems we all got delt over the last few years, and unfortunately lost all the chips we had left to bet! Now we get delt pills and advise (sometimes good & sometimes ... well, ya know) that is supposed to eventually "make us happy again, and soon we will be all better". Yeah, and I'm the pope! (actually, I wouldn't wanna be him) I was looking for short straws the other nite, when I was trying to find out more about 2 new drugs they put me on, Gemfibriozil and Lipitor, as I was just diagnosed a rather dim prognosis about my cholesterol problem, as my numbers are off the chart, and with having had a previous "little heart attack" not long ago, coupled with the damn depression & anxiety going on, my days will be numbered if they cant get it under control. Anyhow, those drugs, used together, are supposed to be dangerous, and could cause immenent death, if my body doesn' t like em'. How 'bout if I don't like em'? So in my research, I came across this site once again, and thought, that this would be way better than watching another round of Happy Days that evening, so I looked around a bit and found this wonderful place with all your cute names, and smiling faces on it, with a bunch of friendly chit-chat with it! So I gave it a shot, and here I am, even though there was a responce from a child responding to me as well, (I am used to those words from my own family, so ono bigee) but I was fortunate enough to have met you nice friends to relate to. Finally, someone that understands how I really feel! Not relatives, kids, partners, doctors, shrinks therapists, can relate to our delemas, dispare, and pain associated with the horrible onslaught of the war we are experiencing with our own minds & bodies, unless they are too, going through the same problems and hence having the same symptoms that we have to somehow survive each day with. It feels like I just won the lottery, having met people that really understand!!! Because as you know, no amount of money can make, people understand the pain we have to go through, every minute of every day. And no amount of money (well, make me an offer... ahhh... a.. i'm kiddin') can "fix" us and make us whole again. It has to re-grow just like a giant redwood tree, a beautiful life, cut down, but not quite all the way, with just a few branches left, that would be us, and also full well knowing that it took many years to be as wonderful as I once was, and knowing full well how long it will take to grow back to my original splendor, and beauty, emaninating so that everyone that looks at me smiles because of how healthy I look. (I was also a logger at one time, and I love trees) Isn't that how people see us now? Cut down... oh well ... just cut another, and we'll use as many as we want. And they cant see the pain we endure, trying to grow back all on our own. If we can at all. Well with friends like you guys to start with, a burst of new light, is sometimes just what it takes to get started, and I personally want to thank you for being there to help me, as I will be for you too. Then others can be a part, then the whole damn forest will regrow to full beauty again! I am sick of just sitting in a little bedroom that resembles the prison cell I had during the war, but the difference is that the people who put me in this one, is my very own family. So now I have to trust myself once again, and trust others as well, such as puckiemull and vonnie, and, and,and soon I might just get a hold of something I missed that only friends can provide, and maybe, I can give hints of things that could work for others as well. Then just maybe, a little website like this could have something to spark just the right thoughts, to make us all smile with real happiness once again!
Special Thanks to puckiemull & vonnie for waking me up, as I always respond best to kindness!
My ear is ready to hear, and thank you all for listening to me!