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Why does depression effect teenagers???

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kaismama 15 Oct 2013

For the same reasons as for an adult. Major depression is due to not enough serotonin in the brain. Some depression can be because of situational things, school, bullying, that kind of stuff.

ShanMan72 16 Oct 2013

Kaismama is very wise and knows her stuff... my wife is a nurse and I, paramedic 23 yrs.

WildcatVet 16 Oct 2013

Hi, strawberry! Depression can affect anyone at any age. But teens are in the most physically, emotionally, hormonally turbulent years of their lives. They're under incredible pressure from peers to dress right, be popular, sex, drugs. From parents and teachers to achieve both scholastically and in extracurricular activities. The beginnings of sexual and emotional relationships. Not a child, not an adult.
And underneath it all they really don't know yet who they are. It's easy for teens to just feel they don't measure up, they don't belong, they don't know their purpose yet.
And some do have the same chemical imbalances that cause clinical depression in older people.
Best wishes, WCV

kaw06 16 Oct 2013

Those wonderful hormones, I know I had depression as a teenager, but unfortunately I wasn't diagnosed until my mid twenties. I think the sooner the diagnoses the better for sure.

WildcatVet 17 Oct 2013

I wasn't diagnosed until my early twenties either. G*d, when I think how much easier those earlier days could have been! free discount card

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