My doctor recommended I cut the 20mg tabs in half to start with, however she did not give a recommendation on what time of day to take it, only to take with a large meal.
I have other medication I take every morning which must be taken on an empty stomach. I usually don’t eat a large meal until dinner.
Has anyone had success with Viibryd, and if so any recommendations on time of day to take it?
I have just come off Lexapro which I took before bed. For the past two years I’ve had extremely bad SAD in the summer months, which nearly required hospitalization. I’ve had little success with most SSRI’s.
I’ve read the mixed reviews for Viibryd, but I also am heterozygous for the C677T polymorphism in the MTHFR gene and saw some reviews that were positive for Viibryd with this genotype. Viibryd came up in my GeneSight test as an antidepressant in my “green” column, along with Pristiq, Fetzima, and Emsam.
We chose Viibryd because it is the least expensive of all those recommendations with the manufacturers discount card. Our insurance will not cover any of the meds in my “green “ column. I’ve been prescribed 10mg adderall for treatment resistant depression, however I find that this doesn’t always help consistently.
I also take .2mg clonidine and 2mg Xanax at night for sleep as I have had a lifelong sleep disorder. I am also a chronic pain patient and take 1.5 10/325 Norco in the PM.
I take Vitamin D3/k2, curcumin, methylfolate, and do not drink caffeine or alcohol because of gastritis from NSAIDS and steroids.
Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. It seems like every day I wake up not knowing what type of mood I will get (I’m not irritable or sad, just flat). I’m 52 and also on HRT every seven weeks (estradiol and testosterone pellets).
Thank you so much.