To my DC family:
Im sitting here with my depression almost bringing me to tears again. I finished tapering off the Lyrica. I also had to quit Topamax cold turkey and my headaches are back with a vengence. The doctor put me on Propanalol 40mg 2x daily. I dont feel like its working all that well. I take like 13 pills every morning. I take 6 more at night. Plus in the middle of those, i take 2 pills again. Im on percocet evvery 6 hours along with my regular meds. My panic attacks are happening more frequent and I take 30mg of buspar 2x daily. Ive tried to come back to DC to help others to take my mind off my troubles. I keep taking bad falls and reinjuring my frozen shoulder.
Im not even sure why Im posting this. There are lots of people who are far worse off than I am. I guess I just needed to vent and explain my absence from the board. Thank you all for yor help when I discussed my frozen shoulder. I read and took each one to heart. I just wish I could afford the visits. My hub and I are totally strapped. I can only hope my disability will come thru soon. I need to go now as Ive bared my soul and now sit here in tears. Thank you for letting me vent. If I can help anyone else, please let me know so that it will take my mind of my own troubles. Thanks again as I go to seek peace somehow.
In search of peace,