After being on Prozac 40 mg a day, subscribed my my psychiatrist. I believe felt better. I didn't feel sad, guilty , or down. Even my friend that I visited for two weeks, told me that I didn't strike him depressed at all. I also visited my psychiatrist month ago. And he said something similar, according to him, from the way I talk and communicate.

All that happened in summer while I was in vacation and with nice friends, a month ago when I started school for my last year to graduate. I noticed something wrong. Just in the last two week, everything is going bad dramatically.

I no longer have the interest to see people, do my study, exercise, or even attend classes. I feel so ashamed in front of my professor who said I am a promising architect. I feel like I disappointed him and let him down. After I attend classes, I run to my dorm where I live alone. I take a shower as I am cleaning myself from the chaotic outside world and then keep in my own world, I read a lot also, intellectual books.

Please friends help me. Maybe you got bored of my case, since I posted here again. But I am not able to find a solution myself.


I am still on Prozac 40 mg a day.