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Will my depression go away &/or get better or do I have to take Fluoxetine forever?

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Inactive 2 Feb 2013

Hello ndcprincess. Depending on the type of depression, the severity it hopefully will end. As too how long you will be taking the Fluoxetine , depends how you react to the drug. Over time, doses are adjusted accordingly. If no results are shown, another drug might be used. Regards pledge

LaurieShay 2 Feb 2013

Morning pledgy, how about some pecan Danish in a little while?

LaurieShay 2 Feb 2013

As pledge has said, it depends on the cause of the depression. If it is situational then you may not have to take forever. If it is clinical, as in an ongoing condition, then taking it for along time maybe necessary.

Inactive 2 Feb 2013

Sounds good Laurie. Have a geat weekend, enjoy.

Delila 2 Feb 2013

Hi, i was prescribed Prozac in my 'teens and took it for some years. However, my depression lifted in time and i was able to discontinue use. Years later now i take an antidepressant again. I think you need to realise that depression can come & go, and it's OK to have a bit of help through medication when you need it.

kaismama 2 Feb 2013

Some of us don't produce enough serotonin. This is a chemical in the brain that aids in moods. Then we need a medication to stop the absorption of serotonin so that the levels in our brain stay adequate. In this instance no amt of time or talking is going to help you and the medication only helps while you're on it, it doesn't cure it. I have been on an antidepressant for 38 yrs and over the years I have tried to stop it several times and within a month I was back on it. I've accepted that I have to take it forever, its better then feeling depressed for even a few days. free discount card

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