If so, how was your experience after changing? My doctor is changing my class of drug since the current class I take has no affect on my depression. I currently take celexa, but I have tried Paxil, Zoloft & now the Celexa did seem 2 be working, but as of now it stopped working, just like the Zoloft did. I was also on Lamactil before I started having a reaction in my mouth from it! I read that lots of people who are depressed or suffer from Bipolar also need a mood stabilizer & I know that the Lamactil was the mood stabilizer for me. I would like to hear what u guys have experienced or some comments, suggestions, views or advice, etc. I would appreciate all your help or comments, etc.

Anyhoo... I go 2 see my Pdoc in 2days & I am trying to hold on cuz my depression is not better & I am on the highest dose of Celexa! I am hoping that I don't need to try 2many & I hope I don't need 2 take a large quantity of pills to feel normal! I was wondering... when/if you change from SSRI to SNRI meds, do you need to wean off the SSRIs as you start the SSNRI meds? I am anxious to know that, cuz I cannot wait 2 ask my doc, since it is in 2 more days, I am frantic to know! LOL! Also, I noticed that the SSRI class of antidepressants has more selections of medications than the SSNRI meds? I wonder y? Anyhoo, just wanted to see what u guys have done or tried between the 2! I have resistant depression & that sucks!

Plus, I want to try Effexor cuz I researched it & it seem 2 be something I would wanna try! It has a generic & I heard positive & negatives about it, but... oh well! Also, I see the newer SSNRIs do not have generics! That sucks, cuz I am reaping the wreckage of my past!. I noticed that Pristiq, Cymbalta & Abilify do not have generics yet. But anyway, guys, if you can tell me what your experiences have been 2 change from one class to another class of drugs I would appreciate it dearly! Also, I am anxious to see what actually might work for me. Thanks to you all for any help, suggestions, responses or ideas that you can or will provide! God Bless u all & Good luck to you!