hey family, its been some days, i was doing so great when i added estroven to my premarin, my moods and all the fun stuff from the good old menopause. well the last 2 days has gotten hard again. i had an attack, found myself sleeping all day. i live with my inlaw, and it can be very stressfull here. could it be enviromental? my husbands papa (father) is very very moody, and at times so is my husband. it drives me nuts to the point i dont look forward to comming home at times. its like this constant heaviness in this house. i blessed it once and it was well for a while. i believe there is a spiritual warfare going on in my home, for all you christians you know what im talking about, and for those of other reigions i apologize if you dont agree with my belief system. my taper still on track, 125, was real rough when i came home from the hospital cause my body was in full blown withdrawls and i swear i felt little zaps of electricity going thru my bones. and as soon as i took a dose it went away. also this is not on any subject, but when investing in my 401k, is 15% the normal? or is it 10% or more?, aloha, leanne