... so I upped my meds to 30mg. After seeing my dr at the time she wanted to go higher which I did but didn't tolerate well. Basically she yoyoed my dose 6 times in 8 weeks then I refused to budge at 35mg as my anxiety was through the the roof and became crippling.

I saw a psych who added in 12.5mg seroquel to my citalopram and lowered the cit to 30mg. Anxiety was still hell and I felt my thoughts got worse with the seroquel so I came off that two days ago. Had a bit of a sore head and dizziness but I feel less anxious and my thinking has definitely calmed down.

Before this my dr wanted me to do a cross taper to venlafaxine xr which I'm not too keen on due to the drug profile. I'm wondering now whether escitalopram would be a better option since citalopram has worked so well for me for so long. Plus if I change from ssri to ssri they want me to taper off before starting another but I have heard you can swap from one to another without this?

I was also wondering with all the ups and downs and now feeling a bit better on the one dose should I wait a bit longer to see how I feel? Could the citalopram be actually working and the terrible anxiety just be with all the ups and downs?

I know no one here is a dr but I'd be really pleased to hear some opinions on what they think about my situation. It's been so chaotic I'm not sure what to do next if anything.

Sorry this is so long but it's been 4 months of hell and I'd like to avoid any more if possible