Was on 300 mg bupropion XL (stopped April 28) was taking for depression
Now on 40 mg fluoxetine (since March 23) am taking for anxiety/depression
Reason for switch - anxiety
Current problem - depression returned. It's been really bad for more than a week, maybe more than two. I've lost track of time. Sever lack on interest in things I love. Also sexual dysfunction, unable to orgasm, just feel less aroused and less interested (has been a growing issue since the 3rd week in, I thought it would improve with time but it just seems to be getting worse).
I was doing really well on the bupropion, had been on it for 2 years and it always served me well. I could still be me, sure I had my blue days everyone does, but I didn't have issues with my depression as often as I seem to be having now. Even then when I had a down point it wasn't as bad as this. Right now I feel downright crappy. I don't want to take the fluoxetine anymore, I really hate how I feel right now and that I can't climax and share that sort of intimacy with my boyfriend. I feel like I'm letting him down, big time.
I'm worried about stopping the meds because I know my anxiety may very well come back, and it seems to have helped put that in check at the expense of my depression deciding it wanted to move back in, and I just don't feel like me anymore. I felt great at the start, and about late May, about a month after I had been weaned off the Wellbutrin I started to struggle with my depression again.
I've been though a few things since January in trying to control my anxiety, as my depression was already well maintained on bupropion. Benzodiazepines make me manic after the wear off, so I can't take them. I'd cry over nothing, now I can't even cry. I just feel, empty. I want to get back on the bupropion because it worked so well for me, and this isn't, but what can I talk to my dr about as an add on for anxiety? I've heard Buspar works really well with bupropion, has anyone tried this? Or maybe 20 mg of fluoxetine with my 300 mg of Wellbutrin? I need advice, I will be contacting him this next week because I can't take it anymore, I'd go back to having anxiety just to not be depressed :(