My son is 14, has major depression and some anxiety. He has been in therapy for 6 months and taking 50mg lamical and 100mg zoloft a day. After taking the meds for 4 months (on a different dose) he was hospitalized. During his stay, the Dr decided to keep him on those meds but adjust the dose. He is 3 weeks out of the hospital and nearly back where he was emotionally when he went there. All I have read so far seems to indicate that there really isn't anything else "approved" for teenagers. He has another appointment in 2 days for a "med check" but I'm hoping someone with experience with this could offer some suggestions I could speak to his Dr. about.
I'd like to add that I also took zoloft for a few years but stopped because of the continued side effects (which he doesn't seem to have) I'm currently taking Viibryd without side effects and it has been a god send for my depression and anxiety but was also told it's not for teens.
Thank you in advance